Josh Dolin of Tempo Creative

Lemonade to Marketing

By Katherine Bishop

When Josh Dolin, founder of Phoenix-based Tempo Creative, was growing up, his family was one of the first to move into a budding new community. Already showing signs of the creative entrepreneurial spirit, Dolin turned the traditional lemonade stand into a model that would succeed under the circumstances of not yet having any neighbors or street traffic. With his little brother in tow to assist, he carried a giant jug of ice cold lemonade around and sold refreshments to all the hard-working, overheated construction workers. It was a hit and a young entrepreneur was born.

He was a natural, destined to become the successful and influential business owner that he is today.

I knew I wanted to be a captain of industry not a leader in the Air Force.”

Marketing: The Key To Being Awesome

Tempo Creative was founded by Dolin in 2001 with the simple mission of providing the highest level of marketing services to help clients achieve the greatest amount of success – or to put it simply, be awesome. The myriad of services Tempo provides include inbound, digital, and online marketing strategies; web design and development; social media marketing; mobile development and apps; search engine optimization; web hosting and maintenance; content marketing; branding; entrepreneurship; and international business.

Since inception, the company has grown rapidly to a team that now features more than 20 talented marketing, branding and technology experts. They have worked with more than 700 clients, many of them long-term, in a vast array of industries and now have an international presence. Dolin’s ever-evolving marketing “lemonade” is made by staying on the cutting edge of trends in the digital marketing sphere. The Internet moves fast and the rules change often. Tempo Creative thrives on being the go-to source for deploying the right tactics and the right time and in the right way.

Dolin explained, “It may sound cliché, but I think what really sets us apart is that we truly care about each and every one of our clients.” It’s an attitude that permeates the entire company culture and shows in the way the clients respect his team’s work. The current client roster is populated with long lists of clients who have been working with Tempo Creative for several years. The results speak for themselves and the clients keep coming back.

The other somewhat surprising aspect of Tempo Creative’s outlook is that they don’t need to take all the credit. Or even any of it. There are a lot of firms out there that spend more time and money shouting their own name than they do their clients’ names. But with Tempo, if their clients are getting incredible results without appearing from the outside like they’re working with a marketing firm that means they’re doing their job well. “Our goal is not to build our own portfolio – it’s to build our clients’ reputation and grow their brand awareness,” said Dolin. “In fact, many of our clients want us to remain completely discreet and stay behind the scenes; we’re always happy to oblige.”

Tempo prides itself on being a white glove company. The client’s best interest is always at the heart of every campaign.

Setting The Tempo For Success

Dolin holds a degree from the prestigious English and Writers’ Workshop program at The University of Iowa, where he attended from 1993 through 1997. He put his college education to use with a highly-regarded book released in 2010, “The Web Guru Guide.” The book provides the essential secrets and strategies for web success to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and marketers in charge of websites. It put Dolin on the map as a leading industry expert and he is still a sought after source for articles citing Internet marketing trends and predictions for the future of the industry.

After graduation from college, Josh worked for four years as the international sales and marketing manager for a point-of-purchase advertising firm in Chicago. It was then that he decided he wanted to spread his wings, and Tempo Creative was born (Dolin’s lifelong passion for music is the inspiration behind the name). He launched the company and moved the business to the flourishing entrepreneurial city of Phoenix just a few weeks before 9/11. Although the business got off to a rocky start due to the rough economic times that followed the tragic events of September 11, the struggle turned into success and the company is now regarded as one of the top digital marketing firms in Arizona.

While marketing and running a business does take up a large chunk of Dolin’s life, he isn’t one to make it all work and no play. He travels often for business purposes, but always tries to mix in a little downtime when possible. Tempo has offices in Indonesia and India, so it’s a given that he’ll visit there a few times per year. However, he also enjoys taking his family on motor home trips throughout the Southwest, Colorado and California whenever time permits. He’s been fortunate enough to travel the United States and Canada as well as visit dozens of countries all over Europe, Russia, Asia, North Africa, Central and South America, the Caribbean and Hawaii. When not working or travelling, Dolin can often be found with a guitar in his hands – perhaps one from his extensive personal collection of vintage pieces.

What’s Next For Josh Dolin?

Dolin says he always contemplating future business ventures. When asked what he thinks he’ll most likely pursue next, he replied, “A space that currently interests me is health care. The Obamacare rollout has shaken up the industry and I’m presently working with a physician and another exec from the health care field to brainstorm on how we can help medical practices get more patients and be more competitive using digital marketing.”

One thing is for certain – digital marketing will always be evolving … and Dolin and his team will always be growing and advancing with it. “My proudest moment for Tempo was when we celebrated our 10th anniversary,” said Dolin. “Not many companies survive that long, especially in our industry. I think my next proudest moment will be celebrating our 25th anniversary!”

Temp Creative

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Scottsdale, AZ 85255
(480) 659-4100

The Tempo 10 Values

1. We pledge to provide the highest quality inbound marketing services in the world.

2. We strive to cultivate long-term relationships with clients who need and can appreciate the additional impact that work of our quality creates for their organizations, products
and services.

3. We understand that our clients have a choice when working with an inbound marketing firm like Tempo. We always strive to exceed the expectations of all our clients.

4. We measure the effectiveness of the services we provide not only by our own standards, but by how well they meet our client’s objectives.

5. We believe in open, ethical and nondiscriminatory business practices. We will treat all of our vendors, clients and employees in a respectful, fair and above-board manner.

6. We’re proud to operate as a premier firm, not a large cookie cutter agency. This allows clients to work directly with those actually developing their inbound marketing services.

7. We commit ourselves to encouraging innovation and new ideas, styles and approaches in order to maintain our competitive edge. We constantly keep up with progressive business techniques and technologies that will allow us to ultimately provide the best marketing services for
our clients.

8. We are here to stay. Since 2001, hundreds of enterprise level clients from around the USA have received highly effective and professional marketing and creative results.

9. We’re not into up-selling and surprises. We believe in open, fair and candid relationships from the get-go.

10. Our ultimate goal is to help increase your firm’s bottom line through highly effective inbound marketing. All deliverables are produced with that objective in mind.