About Business Professional Magazine

Here at Business Professional Magazine,
we understand that you have a story to tell.

We want to tell that story.

Over the years, we have featured professionals like CPAs, lawyers and doctors and interviewed the owners of restaurants, construction companies and startup businesses. No matter the industry, business professionals have a story that compelled them to go out on their own and create something for their customers and for themselves.

We are dedicated to telling those stories through interviews with our team of writers. These stories are what help you connect with potential customers. With our help, you can be one step ahead of your competitiors.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content Marketing has 6x Higher Conversion Rate

72% of Marketers Choose Content Marketing Over Advertising

5x the Reusable Content

Story Telling is 22x More Memorable than Facts

78% of CMOs believe Branded Marketing is the Future.

About Target Market Media

Target Market Media is a multimedia magazine company with various titles. The company has origins dating back to 1994 and its team has more than 30 years of experience in the trade publication industry. This knowledge combined with a desire to adapt and deliver news to professionals in a digital age has resulted in a successful recipe for the modern day trade publication.


The stories of top professionals nationwide across all industries.