Bruce & Dolena Livolsi of AAA Phone on Hold

A Family Matter

By Elizabeth Morse

In March 2002, AAA Phone On Hold began recording voiceovers in Bruce Livolsi’s recording studio. In 2006, Livolsi’s wife, Dolena was asked to run the office and Bruce took over all audio production for the company. Livolsi knew it was the right fit for him and his family. Later that year, they began negotiating with the founder to take over the business. Since buying the company, the Livolsis have made AAA Phone On Hold their own. Beyond providing quality on hold messaging services, the focus is on retaining clients through a simple business model. “We’re a family owned and operated business, so we treat our clients as though they matter to us because they really do,” Bruce explained. “We implement this into our business and office culture through the golden rule of, ‘We treat others the way we would like to be treated’ – fairly, honestly and with respect.”

“We’re a family owned and operated business, so we treat our clients as though they matter to us because they really do.”

The Business Concept

The next time you call your doctor for an appointment, or phone a hotel to make a reservation and are placed on hold, you may be listening to a AAA Phone on Hold product. The audio message you hear that says, “Thank you for calling the office of Dr. Jones. We specialize in superior dental care…” this is what the Livolsi family provides for all types of businesses.

Independent studies have demonstrated that 18 percent of all callers make purchases based on something they heard while on hold.

AAA Phone On Hold provides customized, professionally recorded audio messages with voices and music, which play while callers are waiting on hold. The purpose is to increase brand awareness and promote products and/or services. These messages can be updated seasonally and/or when new products or services are added, upcoming event promotion, etc. AAA Phone On Hold prides itself on the affordability of an excellent marketing strategy for businesses today.

“Our script writers will consult and collaborate with our clients to create the most effective message for the brand,” Livolsi said. “The messages are produced in our high-quality production facility using the latest digital technology to improve the quality of the audio, voice and background music. We even use sound effects, if that is what the client wants.”

The company offers more than 200 royalty free songs to use as background music to any brand’s message. “We take our services to the next level with some additional benefits,” Livolsi said. “If a client asks, we can send a phone technician on-site to install the message player almost anywhere in the United States. However, most of the new MP3 message players are ‘plug and play,’ so the client can usually install it themselves easily in just a few minutes.” Once the player has been installed, the message can be updated two, four, six or 12 times a year. The Livolsis know that businesses constantly evolve and that their on hold messaging should evolve at the same time. This is particularly useful for companies which promote seasonal services. However, changing your phone on hold message regularly is also important to keep the message sounding fresh so the brand doesn’t seem stale and unappealing.

Then & Now

Like most businesses, over the years, AAA Phone On Hold has changed and mostly in its favor. One of the most influential changes is the technology used to deliver the product to their clients. Previously using cassette and CD players, the hot commodity is now MP3 players.
“Some of the MP3 players are updated remotely, so the client doesn’t have to do anything. It’s completely hands-free for the client once this type of player is installed,” Livolsi explains of the upgraded technology.

The couple also strives to set their company apart with the implementation of eco-friendly practices that minimize the company’s ecological footprint.
“We grew up in a time when ecology was a new buzz word and our country was just beginning to realize publicly that we couldn’t sustain the way we were treating our home planet,” Livolsi said. “I don’t know why or how it has become so politicized. Respecting our environment should not be so enmeshed with political agendas. Scientists worldwide keep proving to us over and over that man-made pollutants in our air, water and in the ground are having devastating effects on our ability to sustain healthy lifestyles … and not just for humans but for all life on Earth.”

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is client interaction. There’s an easy-going demeanor with all interactions the company has with its clients. Many clients have been working with the company for over a decade.

“We have developed a very friendly rapport with most of them – even the new ones,” Livolsi says proudly. He also emphasizes that service is the number one priority at AAA Phone On Hold, which demonstrates the consistency of their commitment to ensure the clients’ needs are met quickly.

While uncertain of what is in the future for the business, Livolsi explains that they only have a simple goal – to continue to provide the highest level of customer service and to offer the latest technology as it develops. Continuing customer satisfaction and appreciation is AAA Phone On Hold’s true “hope for the future.”

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